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Sensitization & prevention

Studies have shown that the most effective intervention packages place a heavy emphasis on sensitization, prevention, and resilience building. Employees need to be exposed to the realities of mental health issues that can impact their ability to be focused and productive, including stress, drug use, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, and other mood disorders.

At mHub, we regularly assess each employee’s mental health and wellbeing, provide monthly workshops and bi-weekly wellness classes, and invite employees to broaden their knowledge and skillset by exploring our constantly growing self-care resource database. Additional special training courses and support are available for managers.

Effective treatment

At least every fifth employee is likely to experience a serious mental health challenge in any 12-month period. Especially common are anxiety and depression. In such a case, it is essential that these employees have easy access to fully confidential and user friendly treatment at no personal cost.

At mHub, we provide effective evidence-based coaching, counseling, and therapy. Our providers are some of the most qualified local mental health professionals, and they receive constant training and mentorship by our highly experienced international clinical supervisors. Coaching is available via messaging; counseling and therapy are available either face-to-face or via video or audio call. Our digital platform ensures easy online scheduling.

Change in workplace culture

In order to sustain the impact of an effective employee wellbeing program, it is highly desirable to ensure that the workplace culture increasingly enhances health and wellbeing.

As part and parcel of every program, we therefore conduct an annual wellbeing audit and set up a monthly monitoring and reporting regime. Our premium package further includes a comprehensive wellbeing assessment of workplace culture as well as the creation and facilitation of a wellbeing committee.

All mHub clients receive the added value of official mHub certification. They may use the mHub Seal for Workplace Mental Health which recognizes employers who are committed to creating mentally healthy workplaces.

Everything in one easy-to-use online platform

mHub’s online platform is based on Microsoft Teams

Whether or not you already use Teams in your organization, you, your leadership team, and all of your employees receive immediate and easy-to-use access to all of our services via a browser or the Teams app. It can’t get much easier or more convenient than this!

We will set up your personal and confidential Teams portal and create all the desirable channels for you and your employees. And of course we’ll provide a launch training and desirable customer and tech support.

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