At the mHub, we help people achieve mental and emotional wellbeing by bridging the gaps in access and quality of mental health services worldwide, with a particular focus on low- and middle-income countries in Africa. Our activities and services focus on three areas:

1. Improved access to quality services and reduced stigmatization

We create innovative solutions where adequate mental health services are limited or non-existent. This includes the direct provision of clinical and non-clinical services at our mHub Centers, the training and facilitation of cadres of Community Mental Health Workers and Mental Health Facilitators, and the development of digital psychoeducation platforms for self-care.

2. Vibrant professional communities for mental health specialists

We create, engage, and support vibrant mHub Communities of local mental health practitioners. This includes professional and social networking opportunities, the facilitation of internships, fellowships, and mentorships, and the provision of accredited professional development programs.

3. Increased availability of knowledge, experience, and evidence

We collaborate with international and local partners to advance research, education, and innovative practical solutions in mental health and wellbeing.